Health, Safety and Environment

It is the policy of CHUKSRIO INTERNATIONAL SERVICES LIMITED to conduct her business safely, ensure good health of her personnel, protect her work environment, and be sensitive to the needs of the communities around her area of operations.



  • It is the policy of CHUKSRIO INT’L SERV LTD. to conduct its business safely, ensure good health of its personnel and protect the environment.
  • Preserve the health, safety and security of the employees and members of the public who might be affected by its operations.
  • Minimize to as low as reasonably practicable risks arising from its operation, to achieve zero incident goal.
  • Visible management commitment presence and effective communication and training to ensure the safety and health of employees and protection of the environment.
  • Line management responsibility recognition and accountability for HSE issues by all employees and contractors.
  • HSE consideration being seen as an integral part of our business decisions, plans and operations, providing adequate resources to implement the policy.
  • Ensure compliance with applicable laws and legislation and relevant industry standards.
  • This policy being made available and communicated to staff and the public.

CHUKSRIO INTERNATIONAL SERVICES LIMITED employees and subcontractors must plan and perform their work in accordance with this policy. Any job that cannot be done in accordance with this policy must not commence or be allowed to continue